Finance Division

Finance Division is responsible for the financial management of the university and provides premium and professional services to our academic and administrative divisions and research institutes.

Payment Notice

We would like to inform that students are required to settle the 2021/22 tuition fee during 01-Jul-2021 to 20-Jul-2021. (The tuition fee paid by AUTOPAY will be deducted on 20-Jul-2021). If the tuition fee is paid after 21-Jul-2021, there will be penalty of MOP / HKD50 per day(including public holidays), up to MOP / HKD500. If the university has not received the tuition fee by 01-Aug-2021, the student status will be suspended. If the student status is suspended, student needs to apply for resumption and is liable to pay an administrative fee of MOP/HKD 3,000 together with the outstanding tuition fee. If students do not follow the payment methods in this notice, and CityU is unable to confirm the payer of tuition fee, students will be responsible for any consequences (loss/suspension).  The payment methods please click the below bottom.

Ms.Amanda To,Senior Administrative Officer

Payment, Reimbursement and Budgeting
Tel: 8590 2667

Ms.Yuki Ho,Senior Administrative Officer

Tuition fee payment and refund
Tel: 8590 2623

Mr.Ricardo Wong,Senior Supervisor

Reimbursement of Research expenses
Tel: 8590 2650